Official launch of the innovative software eMANA #AMFT

[Interview AMFT] eMANA launches an innovative solution that revolutionizes email management in companies.

The intelligent email management solution proposed by eMANA continues to seduce and convince more and more people. The performance of this intelligent assistant is now recognized by the French Tech universe, as illustrated by this article published by the French Tech Aix-Marseille.

« Do you know how much time each of us spends sorting and filing our professional emails: more than 3 hours per week! From this observation was born the innovation of eMANA: an intelligent email management assistant that supports each employee of a company.

For the founder of eMANA, an email is a task!  And it is because he considered that the mailboxes of the time were not adapted to companies that Raynal Wauters started a few years ago the development of the eMANA software: a secure mail management software dedicated to companies and accessible in cloud mode. It integrates an intelligent assistant that helps users to better manage their emails: automatic classification and sorting in the company’s folders, sharing of emails and attachments, prioritization by color code, analysis and organization of Big Data generated by storage.

In this interview, Grégory Vally, eMANA’s business developer, explains how the Aix-based startup’s solution creates a real technological breakthrough in the email messaging market.

No more conventional, compartmentalized, restricted and time-consuming tools…. You only deal with what makes your business progress and you are no longer flooded with useless emails. The assistant allows you to better organize and make the most of your working time and to gain in productivity. In the blink of an eye, you can access all the emails and documents exchanged with a contact. Thanks to a specific management of access rights, it allows you to quickly find all the exchanges of your contacts whatever the recipient in the company (mails, attachments, appointments, etc…). As all your business is in your emails, eMANA allows you to find all the documents of the company thanks to the efficient filing methods offered by the assistant. The archiving of your data is centralized, structured and secured, while respecting the privacy of your employees according to the new European Personal Data Regulation (RGPD).

eMANA also offers collaborative features to automatically or manually share information to work more efficiently on common projects. 72% of company employees check their email while on vacation for fear of missing something important. eMANA allows you to set up a per-user logout right, and automatically redirects important emails to collaborators who will take over. The tool provides real-time visibility on all emails and attachments that concern your function, regardless of the recipient’s address.

Finally, eMANA offers interoperability possibilities with the company’s software packages by enriching them and automatically synchronizing with them. CRM and ERP are thus informed of all the email exchanges that the company receives daily

Raynald Wauters’ vision is twofold:  »to guarantee the security of emails and data by protecting the content from threats from the outside world and to reduce the tediousness of work with a tool that performs tasks automatically to increase productivity ».  Large groups have understood this and have already adopted eMANA such as Airbus Helicopters, Adidas, Camping Yelloh Villages! or Homair…

The innovation of eMANA was awarded during the TopT.I.C 2016 exhibition with the second prize obtained at the Unified Communication Trophies organized by the CDRT – Club des Dirigeants Réseaux et télécoms. »



eManaOfficial launch of the innovative software eMANA #AMFT