eMANA messagerie intelligente

Mailbox + Drive

eMANA automatically sorts out your emails in a sovereign drive


eMANA recovers all your history, manages emails and attached documents, thanks to its AI.


eMANA organizes all your emails and attachments in your customizable double drive…


eMANA protects, stores and archives all your data securely and in accordance with the GDPR…


eMANA edits your summaries, for a follow-up that corresponds to your needs, because “everything” that is in your computer ends up passing by email.

Get started with eMANA

  • - You keep your current mailbox (gmail, outlook .....).
  • - eMANA recovers all your history.
  • - Your emails and attachments are classified, your contacts are integrated, your drive is created and filled.
  • - You determine the main principles that eMANA will apply for you.
  • - It's now up to you to benefit from eMANA intelligence.

And last thing, if your PC is in English, eMANA will be in English. And the same for another language of course.

Smart Solution

Smart mailbox
  • - Recovers all your history from all your mailboxes.
  • - Classifies emails considered less important apart
  • - Prioritizes, filters, sorts and affects your emails using its own Artificial Intelligence and self-learning capabilities
  • - Identifies all attachments apart
  • - Centralizes your email addresses in the inbox(es)

Daily, each employee receives significantly fewer emails!

Collaborative Solution

  • - Shares your emails or contacts, totally or partially, automatically or manually
  • - Provides access to shared calendars to find a common time slot in one click
  • - Distributes your emails in a double drive, via the different folders, automatically or manually
  • - Manages your attachments with a dedicated search engine, in each folder
  • - Allows you to customize your double drive

Daily, you shall find all the information you need, without any stress!

Collaborative solution

Secure universe

Messagerie sécurisée
  • - Lets you choose the "cloud" or "on premise" approach
  • - Uses only National and Secure data centers with the highest level available
  • - Accurately segregates your private messages for full compliance with the GDPR
  • - Protects against ransomware, thanks to its architecture and its different encryptions
  • - Only proposes 100% reversible offers with unlimited storage

Daily, you save at least 90% of CO² emissions!

White paper about the Data sovereignty

eMANA is committed to the subject of data sovereignty.

Please receive our free of charge study specially addressed to companies.
Request Our White Paper (French version).

What does eMANA solution look like?

Messagerie intelligente
Messagerie collaborative
Messagerie collaborative
Armoire avec classement automatique

They can't do without it!

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