eMANA and ARS join forces to secure your eMails

We are pleased to announce the partnership between eMana, the intelligent and collaborative messaging, and ARS, an expert in highly secure IT infrastructures.

This partnership responds to a fundamental challenge for many organizations: ensuring the security of IT systems and preserving the sovereignty of data, including the often strategic data found in the flow and storage of emails.

These organizations can finally count on a 100% French secure email solution. With this solution, nobody will exploit their data. Their emails are managed by a French software and hosted in France, in an ultra secure data center, certified ISO 27001. The data center of TDF Aix-Marseille, an ARS partner, hosts this data. This data center is also certified Code of Conduct Participant, which attests to its energy efficiency.

ARS and eMana are currently the only ones able to offer such a solution that combines security, agility and proximity: three key values that led to the merger between eMana and ARS.

« All the activity of a company is in its emails. How can we ensure the security of the data that is in them when the solutions currently proposed are by companies that use this same data to grow? We are proud that eMana allows companies that are sensitive to data sovereignty, such as in the aeronautical or banking sectors, to finally have an alternative solution that is entirely secure », says Raynald Wauters, President and Founder of eMana.

Jérôme Cournut, President of ARS, adds « At ARS, we now want to offer our customers high value-added application solutions through partnerships with local French players. We are particularly pleased to sign this first partnership with eMana whose solution, unique on the market, provides an effective operational response to the management of emails. »

This offer is aimed at companies that handle highly confidential information and are aware of the value of the data created and collected. This is the case in industry, for large companies like Airbus for example, and for companies with a very high level of technology, which have a lot of research and development.

About eMana:

eMana, based in Aix-en-Provence since 2013, is revolutionizing email management by transforming this flow of information and tasks into a true corporate asset, a vector of performance, employee well-being and sustainability. It offers intelligent messaging that prioritizes the processing of e-mails and automatically classifies all data in a secure manner. The electronic MAN Assistant allows managers and their teams to focus on tasks with higher added value for the company.

About ARS:

Since 2005, ARS offers its clients the expertise of its team in computer systems and networks. In an ever-changing technological environment, ARS supports and advises companies to meet their evolutions. Thanks to adapted solutions, ARS is totally involved with companies to help them manage and maintain their IS and their computer network.

eManaeMANA and ARS join forces to secure your eMails